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Softshell Clothing Maintenance

How to wash a softshell?

Softshell maintenance is not rocket science! You just need to follow a few rules. This way, your softshell clothing will always be like new, but most importantly, it will retain all its functional properties.

Give your softshell privacy

Softshell clothing doesn't like to share its space in the washing machine because it knows that if it has privacy, it will wash best!

Get the mess out of your pockets!

Paper tissues, stones, anything can be in there... you know it very well!

Fasten the zippers

The classic and possible Velcro fasteners must be fastened. This protects not only the zippers but also the fabric itself. For example, tell yourself that open zippers bite!

Turn inside out

Washing clothes inside out will better protect against mechanical abrasion that occurs in the washing machine drum.

Special detergent is a good choice

It's not necessary, you can wash in regular detergent, but if you want to keep your softshell clothes in perfect condition for as long as possible, then reach for a special softshell detergent. You can get it in good drugstores or sports shops.

NEVER use this!

Bleach, water softeners... these are perhaps even more of a menace to softshell than if you pulled sandpaper on it! These chemical goodies destroy softshell. Don't forget, sometimes good smelling clothes isn't everything.

Optimum temperature

Wash at 30°C. And in case it slips your mind, the washing symbols on the label will always remind you.


A gentle but thorough soaking will well remove detergent residue.

Do not spin-dry!

Do not spin-dry the softshell. Not even by hand wringing. Every wringing is a very aggressive mechanical attack on the fabric. It damages the softshell, the functional properties deteriorate and the clothes do not work as intended. And you don't want that.

Skip the dryer this time

We understand that drying in the dryer is cool, but it's forbidden when we talk about softshell. Softshell clothing will happily purr if you let them drain and dry on the hanger. And a little note that we might not write, but we think of everything, just to be sure! Don't forget to think about your floor when you're dripping, it works best over a bathtub or bucket.

One final rule!

The label with washing symbols is like a law! :-)

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