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Who We Are?


We think about our planet!

We only make products that make sense! Sustainability has always been part of our philosophy.

We have been going the green way since 2012. Not only in our products, but also in our production. We use modern technologies, such as a cutting machine, the so-called cutter, which eliminates the creation of residual material and unnecessary waste. We maintain a lean production and use materials to the maximum. We use the leftovers to make smaller products, and if there is still some left over, we send it on to be used as filling for car seats.

WAMU® - We dress people responsibly.

We can do it!

  • Experience with textile production since 2012.
  • In-house textile technologist.
  • Modern machinery.
  • When developing the products we cooperate with kindergartens and schools, where we test our products so that they really fit children and are really functional everything is manufactured in the Czech Republic.
  • We produce from certified recycled functional materials of the highest quality.
  • We create original designs thanks to a special printing process.

WAMU® - Ecology and functionality without compromise.


Do you want to know our story?

It all started in 2012, with the pregnancy of the founder of the company, Mrs. Lucie Hladíková. At that time, she sewed a set of cloth diapers for her son, which were in short supply on the market at that time. However, there was a huge demand for the products she sewed, so later on she and her husband Lukáš started to focus on the production of quality cloth diapers.

This is how the Petit Lulu brand, which is currently one of the world's leading manufacturers of top quality cloth nappies, came to light. The brand has modern machinery, an in-house textile technologist and more than 10 years of experience. The product portfolio is constantly expanding and 70% of production is exported abroad, to countries all over the world. Our satisfied customers can be found not only in all EU countries, but also in Canada or Tanzania.

We want to grow just like our nappy customers and offer them the opportunity to be with us in their next stage of life. Clothing made from sustainable materials is a meaningful extension of our story.

Join us in writing the next chapter of our brand! If you'd like to stay in the loop sign up for our newsletter.

WAMU® - With us you are on the right path. Thank you.

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