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What materials do we use?

WAMU products are made primarily from sustainable materials.

Our products are safe! The materials used do not contain PFC, PFAS or any other harmful chemicals!


Softshell (recycled)

This material is the most important to the production of our functional products such as jackets or trousers.


Outer material: 100% polyester (recycled)
PU membrane
Inner material: 100% polyester (recycled)

  • it is a modern functional material
  • it is a sustainable material
  • it has the environmental and quality certification Bluesign®
  • it is mechanically resistant
  • has high breathability (vapour permeability)
  • has a high water column

Vapour permeability of the fleece-insulated version: 18 000 g/m/24h
Water column: 10 000 mm

Breathability/vapour permeability can be measured in two different units.

Ret - The lower the Ret value, the more breathable the material is.
g/m2/24 hodin - Tells you how many grams of water vapour the material is able to transmit in 24 hours.

Correct maintenance is absolutely key to maintaining the functional properties of a softshell.
For more information about maintanence, click HERE.


TENCEL™ Lyocell

We use this material for sleeve cuffs and waistbands.

Composition: 94%TENCEL™ Lyocell/ 6% elasthane

  • functional material
  • sustainable material based on natural cellulose wood fibres
  • smooth and shiny
  • airy and breathable
  • very soft
  • durable and strong
  • guarantees colour fastness and colour saturation
  • wicks away moisture (up to half as much as cotton)
  • suitable for sensitive skin, even for allergy sufferers
  • has natural antibacterial properties
  • its production cycle is particularly environmentally friendly

Fleece - antipilling (recycled)

This material can be found on hats and neckwear. It is also used as insulation for the insulated version of softshell.

Composition: 100% polyester (recycled)

  • functional material
  • is composed of synthetic fibres, made of PET
  • has excellent insulating properties
  • light weight material
  • it is breathable
  • dobře udržuje teplotu
  • prevents the penetration of moisture
  • is windproof
  • is soft
  • provides a pleasant warm feeling
  • anti-pilling treatment to minimise pilling
  • anti-pilling treatment maintains the functionality and appearance of the material for many times longer
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